Patricia Braverman-Knope (rhetoricians) wrote in thequestionclub,
Patricia Braverman-Knope

You are the single parent of a three year old daughter. You work full-time, so you put her in a reputable daycare facility while you're at work so she can be social and have fun build up immunities and all that jazz. Each Friday when you come to pick her up, the teachers give you a packet of what she's done that day - colored pictures, art projects, a class newsletter, and a sheet of paper with her behavior marked on it, etc.

Today, the teacher pulls you aside to talk to you while your daughter is playing off with her friends on the other side of the room, and tells you that said child has developed an issue over the past week with using the toilet, which is odd because she has been potty-trained for nearly a year. It's not just any issue with the toilet, though - she refuses to urinate all day, and it is only when you go outside for playground time that she'll pee: not just anywhere, but under the jungle gym, in the wood shavings.

When pressed for an answer, she says simply that her friend Nala told her to do it. When you look at the art she's been making this past week, most of the pictures are of a yellow blob with a tail that looks a lot like the Nala character from the Lion King, her favorite movie. As far as you and the teachers can tell, your daughter has created Nala as her imaginary best friend who is, for some reason, telling her to pee under the jungle gym.

What do you do with your daughter and tell the school?
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