jillianfish (jillianfish) wrote in thequestionclub,

Sorry, I know I just posted, but a comment to my entry reminded me of another question I've been dying to get public opinion on.

A woman that I know told me recently that she thinks her husband is an alcoholic. I asked her why. Her response? "Because he drinks at home." Apparently it's okay for her to go out and get drunk (to the point of passing out) every weekend at a bar. But if her husband has one drink at home once a week, he's an alcoholic. According to her reasoning you can drink as much as you want at a bar, with friends, and not have a problem. But if you ever drink at home, you have a problem. Thoughts?

Does the place where you drink, or the people with whom you drink, make you an alcoholic?

What can I say to this woman to try and convince her that how much you drink, not where, is what constitutes a problem?
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