Blue Eyed Devil (uberfenn) wrote in thequestionclub,
Blue Eyed Devil

Cat owners of TQC i need your help!

I used to have 2 cats. One was sadly knocked down and killed a little over a month ago. since then our other cat is spending alot more time at home. usually the 2 of them would go out rampaging first thing in the morning and wouldnt really be back home for any length of time until dinner time. nowadays Charlie will go out for an hour here or there but seems to prefer to be at home , which is understandable now he doesnt have a chum to hang about with. the freezing weather we are having probably isnt helping much either.
anyway my questions are this - how much water does your cat drink? i never really noticed before with the two of them. their water was changed 2 or 3 of times a day when new food was being put down and i never paid attention to how much was or wasnt there (and it often got knocked over or kicked and some slooshed out anyway). these days ive noticed that im obviously putting food down less so changing the water less and the water bowl has been moved to where is doesnt get knocked over and ive notcied he can sit and lap at his water for quite some time, sometimes drinking half a bowl full in one go.
i always thought cats didnt drink that much (in comparison to dogs). he is fed dry food so obviously will drink more than if he ate wet food. he has allergies so had to be switched to hypoallergenic stuff and couldnt have the wet food anymore, but that was a good 8 or 9 months ago and im only noticing the water thing now.

also, does you cat groom all the freaking time? Charlie went through a phase of it a while ago and started losing his hair which is how we found out about the allergies. once his food was changed he stopped, but since Tilly died he seems to be doing it again. i dont know if im just noticing it more beause he is in the house more but he does have a coulpe of little baldish patches, not completely bald but the hair is thinner where he seems to groom alot. ive checked and his skin is fine underneath, and its not just those bits he grooms alot. he just seems to be doing it constantly, whereas before he would groom sometimes but liked to just stretch out, or snooze about the place, or sit on the windowsill and look out.

he'll be going to the vet in the next couple of weeks for his booster jags and i'll obviously mention it to the vet then, but what do you think?
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