devolute (devolute) wrote in thequestionclub,

Does anyone want this poster?

I already asked my f-list and nobody claimed it. It's in mostly good shape, but has a rip across the face from a staple that was in the tube it came in, so when I pulled it out it got a gash. I taped the back so it's not too noticeable-- still very acceptable for a wall! I'm just trying to make my room a little more ~*~grown up~*~. Anyway if you respond with your email I'll email you for your address. I'll ship for free!

If you don't care, have you ever slept on something besides a bed for an extended length of time? I'm considering moving across the country for 6 months and it'll probably be too expensive to buy or move a whole mattress (+ box springs). I was thinking maybe an air mattress or foam thing. Any suggestions?
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