Sara Lynn (saralynn) wrote in thequestionclub,
Sara Lynn

Weird and rambly post.

My anxiety has been pretty bad lately, it mostly centers around obsessive thoughts. The thoughts switch subjects from time to time, but it's mostly centered around death. Worried about having a heart attack, not feeling well, and for some reason I'm pretty hung up about blood clots on my legs. I stand all day at work but when I come home I just want to sit down, and I have terrible computer posture (I like to sit with my knees up), and I'm worried that being scrunched up could raise my chances or something.

Do you have really bad sitting posture? Have you tried to fix it? Or have you already fixed your bad posture?

I know this is a strange, kind of rambly validation post. I've just been kind of antsy, home alone all day pacing around my apartment trying not to think about things. So I'll make post, I guess. Sorry, TQC. :(

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