Sexy Can I (keskt) wrote in thequestionclub,
Sexy Can I


I have a BA already, but I'm interested in possibly getting a second in a completely unrelated field (I have a degree in history and I'm interested in getting a degree in Accounting.) So, it's more than just taking a few extra pre-reqs to prep for grad school but at the same time I'd prefer to just take all the Accounting courses I need for a degree, rather than have to fufil the random other requirements (science, humanities, foriegn language) of another school as I did all that the first time around. Has anyone done something like this? Any advice? I am going to attempt to meet with someone at a local college after the holidays and see what they say, if for nothing other than a point of reference as to what they'd require for me to be in the Accounting program at their school whether or not I decide to go there.
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