Laika Rising (sunlit_window) wrote in thequestionclub,
Laika Rising

Key West?

Hello, TQC!

So I bought a Greyhound ticket from Buffalo, Ny to Key West, Fla in October. I should have gone down right before Halloween, but my ankles have been acting terribly unfun. So I've put it off and its still sitting on the shelf, good for a year.

Should I take my Christmas money and go down two days after Christmas, to be there for New Years?
Should I put it off until my ankles are super-healed (potentially putting me there for hurricane season)?

If you've ever been to Key West, what was your experience like? Positive and negative answers welcome.

ETA: The doctor's said I most likely have arthritis, so it wouldn't be so much "healed" as "less-inflamed" 0_o
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