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Sleep stuff

Why won't my cat shut the fuck up? He has food, water, and he's already used the litterbox in the past hour but he just keeps yowling. He has no balls, so that probably isn't it.

I finally get to lay down after about 30 hours of being up and the stupid fucking cat won't shut up.

When you're trying to sleep, what's the most annoying sound in the world?

Do you have to have background noise on to sleep?
I can't sleep without music. It comes from my dad turning my radio on at night to drown out the sound of arguments.

Whenever I fall asleep with the tv on, I always wake up sore and sweaty, even when I'm laying in a normal position and normal blanket amounts.

What the hell am I doing in my sleep with the tv on that makes me sore and sweaty?
Does this happen to you?
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