KT (katyism) wrote in thequestionclub,

Automobile brands

This is a general opinion question, feel free to rant in your comment but I'm looking for cold hard facts too.
This doesn't apply so much to newer cars as it does to used, pre-2000 cars (which is what I am in the market for)

So...everyone I know tells me Ford cars are pieces of shit. Most of them say that about any American-made car like Chevy, Dodge, etc.
These same people say that for a used car, a Honda, perhaps a Toyota, or something else Japanese is your best bet. And not to make the mistake of buying Hyundai or any other Korean car.

I guess what I want to ask is do you agree or disagree, and why? For used car shopping what specific makes do you highly recommend or dis-recommend? My family has always been like "OMG American cars are all we buy, we <3 Ford and will only buy Fords," but all their Fords have problems (including a 93 Tempo that they gave me last year, which is a complete clunker by now). I have also owned a 1996 Hyundai Accent and while I had no problems with it even after several long distance road trips, I didn't have the car a very long period of time.

But I always see people driving really old 80's Hondas and stuff and they swear that even though it's not a nice modern car, it is "reliable..." and thus the used Japanese cars typically have a higher resale value than the domestic ones. I dunno. Anyway basically the question is if I were to be shopping for a used car older than a 2000 model, (probably older than 1995 since I am ass broke), should I go for a Honda Accord or something first? Should I definitely avoid any domestic cars? Or are there particular models of domestic cars that surpass the reputation of the brand name in general (for instance, why do the police rely on the Crown Victorias so much)?
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