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The back story:

I run a campus movie theater in Cleveland OH. We are a professional 3rd run community theater (35mm and 16mm capable) and we are listed as a theater in the clevelnad area.

In other words: we are not just a bunch of college students fooling around, we are a professional theater that runs off of some campus funds.

This week is "coming out week" a gay-themed week on campus. The gay group on campus, Spectrum, co-sponsored this fridays movie, "Eating- Out" with us. This means that they get to give a talk and q&a session before each showing of the movie.

The Problem: We publically advertise for our films everyehere on campus. We follow our schools very strict posting policy. (I go to Case Western Reserve University, if any one wants to know). This week, one of the dining halls decided that our movie was 'offensive' so they threw out all of our table tents. They didn't even contact us about it. Now, we have been advertising with table tents in the dining hall since I started working here (two years ago) and even before then (I know its been that way for at least 4 years). The only information for the movie that was on the flyers was the plot summary from the imdb page, shown here:
This dining hall has never thrown out our table tents before, this time they just decided that a gay themed movie was too offensive (and by 'they' i mean the people who serve the food in the dining hall). NOw, the dining hall does have the right to not allow student posting in the dining room. However, teh only thing theyve ever had a problem as of now are our gay-themed movies. So, because the woman who serves me spagheti doesnt like gay people, we arent allowed to advertise our movie to our college campus.
As you can imagine, the gay group on campus is up in arms, but as the leader of the film organization, what should I do? they did throw out OUR fliers, but I have no idea if we should make a seen ot\r not. What are your opinions on this manner, and what would you do if you were in a similar situation?

ps...sorry this is so long!
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