paperdoll (poemi) wrote in thequestionclub,

I'm looking to apply to some universities for a completely different degree than what I had already studied in school. I don't have a degree, just some credits in some very basic courses.

I'm wondering, since my grades are less than stellar, and not really reflective of my ability, is it possible to apply to schools as a freshman and not a transfer student if I don't want to transfer my credits? I think I'd have a much better chance at getting in without my college history (I did poorly for a whole bunch of reasons). But will they know that I have credits? Do I have to submit those transcripts? Even if the credits wouldn't transfer ayway??

Such a boring questions, I'm sorry.

okay so for fun, and additional question: What's the longest you've ever worn a single pair of disposable contacts? I'm going on over a month now on a pair of two weeks. They seem to be alright!
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