Betty Fucking Crocker, M.D. (xunforgivenx) wrote in thequestionclub,
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Some odd questions

1) Is anyone disgusted with "Girls Gone Wild" videos? Is it just me or are they just taking advantage of drunk college girls?

2) Has anyone seen "My Fair Brady"? I am beginning to think that guys who date much younger women (10 years plus) are more likely *NOT* to want to get married, then guys the same age as the women they are dating. What do you think?

3) What is your passion?
a) How did you know/find out that is your passion?

4) Do you watch Food Network? Who is your fav. cook/host on that network?

5) My friends from Ohio are coming up to Chicago for a short three day weekend. While I am pretty knowledgeable about the city, I was wondering if any of you had any great little known places around town to show off to them? I am all about looking hip and cool! ;)

6) My room-mate and I yell at the TV when we are watching shows, you know, making fun of the acting, making snide remarks at commercials etc. Are we the only ones that do that?
a) how did we get to be so bitter?

7) I think I have seniorites, I have no drive to study for any of my classes. How do I get over it? How do I get motivated?!!! argg
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