iheartsarahduh (iheartsarahduh) wrote in thequestionclub,

I'm watching a documentary about these girls with progeria and I've got a feeling I'm going to need Kleenex later. Should I change the channel? These girls are too sweet, and I think I know what's coming. :(

I'm seeing my dad for the first time in years - he's coming to town for a friend's fundraiser and he's actually excited about it. Long story short, he was married to a woman who didn't want me around, but now he's divorcing her (that being one of the many, many reasons). I'm kinda broke, but I want to get him something halfway decent for a Christmas present. I have a $25 Target gift card. WHAT DO I GET HIM? He's, like, in to Dave Matthews Band and Dead Like Me and that's all I know. lolol

ETA: I found a DMB live DVD, but I don't know if he has it or not. What can my cousin ask to see if he has it without letting him know I want to get it for him?
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