four_alarm (four_alarm) wrote in thequestionclub,

Tell me TQC, do you think this is spam?

I got an email from someone who claims to have had a crush on me since college and they want to have sex with me. And then they said that the name they used is obviously made up. In the subject line, it had my name and the name of the college I attended which is why I opened it (it said, "Hi ____ I know you from ____"). I don't recognize the email address. Either way, whether it's spam or not, I wouldn't go have sex with the person.

Also, if it is legit, I'm not sure how I should feel. Amused? Flattered? Pissed off? Should I reply back asking who they are and go off on them? I can't think of a person it could be since my college friends are either married off or I've not talked to them since college.

Has anyone gotten an email like this before?
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