thecatreturns (thecatreturns) wrote in thequestionclub,

No one is around and I need some perspective, tqc my friend, reason with me?
Christmas is important to me, everyone knows this. I get excited about gift giving and food and company and etc.
The person i've been seeing and myself broke up and got back together a lot. And we fight a lot.
Now, we've come to an understanding and are trying and getting to a good place. We love each other but are for some reason incredibly volatile together.
I've been wanting to discuss Christmas plans for awhile now and he has been sidestepping this saying we'll talk about this later and then changes the subject or whatever. So, finally I get him to talk about it and he says he doesn't think we should see each other on christmas because hes afraid "his mom and sisters associate me with bad feelings."
Less than a month ago I was invited to christmas by his mother and him.

Fill in the blank:
I should be feeling ___________________
(I am feeling hurt, sad, annoyed, mad, and he says im being unreasonable.) :\
Edit: Should I back down or should he give in?
Also, my friends are my family, because I do not get along with mine.

He called, and apologized and told me he wanted me to come.... WTF but I am happy....
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