Kat (queenkatja) wrote in thequestionclub,

movie question

Okay, I've actually been looking this up on occasion for a few months now, with no luck. I just now thought of asking TQC.

There's a foreign film somewhere which is a lot like "Memento" - same concept, although played out a little differently (I don't recall how, but it wasn't in the same type of disordered segments). It's Russian or Eastern European, if I recall correctly.
Thing is, I can't remember much about the actual film, except that my friend compared it to Memento before we watched it, and I *really* enjoyed it after (moreso than Memento).

Anyone know what I'm talking about? Anything helps, really. Sorry I don't have a lot to go on... this has been driving me batty. :(

EDIT: I'm on terrible terms with this person now, so I can't ask him. :/
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