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Maybe I'll just wear them to bed.

ETA: Thank you!

1. If you have fairy wings - or something similarly awkward, or you can just imagine you have them, that would do - how do you store them? I had mine on top of my wardrobe, forgot, put a couple of boxes up there, and they got a bit squashed.

2. Do you have any suggestions for every-day ways to lead a more ethical (I'll leave defining that up to each of you) life? Ideally things like "buy fairtrade bananas", "energy saving light bulbs" or "put a brick in your toilet cistern" rather than "sell all your possessions, give the money to charity, and join a monastery".

3. For the first time ever, I have space dedicated to ornaments (and which hasn't been encroached on by a flood of books - yet!). However, I lack that sort of decorating skills. Do you have any tips for arranging miscellaneous stuff to look pretty? Or for making a room look a bit more homey generally? This one is twice the size of my old one, and looks a bit empty in the middle now I've actually tidied up, as for pracical (door/window/furniture size) reasons, every thing's round the edge. I'm trying to declutter though, and keep it tidy too, which I'm also not good at, so advice on any of that appreciated.

4. I was just reading The Good Body by Eve Ensler, and am curious about self-esteem and body image. Would you please fill out my poll? Thank you!
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