amniotic attica (angelwifey) wrote in thequestionclub,
amniotic attica

makeup question

Whats your favourite concealor?
and Primer/photo finish type product?
tinted moisturizer?

money doesnt have to be an issue, but reasonable enough. Like if it lasts forever and is worth the price its fine. I dont want cheap stuff if its not going to do a good job. Any brand. Sephora quality or walmart. ill be honest Ive never been the 'concealor/foundation entire process' sort of girl. MOstly i just really take care of my skin and wear loose powder and blush. But after seeing this photo:
Image hosted by

I think i may need concealor. I have tried some for under eye stuff. Im just out currently. Im not done applying my make up in the photo anyways. But see the scars? i have 4 inch long or so scars all over my forehead. They make it look blemished and awful in photos. LIke my eyebrow, its disconnected. bah.

I do have clear skin though(mostly), so i dont want something super thick. And im very pale. That picture is post luminescent creme and blush. so extra glowing and healthy glow would be nice. BUt i dont want to look darker. I like my pale skin.
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