Brynn (existingleaf) wrote in thequestionclub,

Anonymous Questions: Installment #16

These are questions you guys have asked anonymously in a special entry. You can ask a question here.

Previous installments: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

1. Have you ever plagiarized in any way (for school, in an lj entry, anything)? It could be a line, a paragraph, a whole essay...

2. Do you believe that parents always have a role in their daughter/son's emotional problems? I went through a depressed stage and I honestly believe my parents are good parents and it had nothing to do with them (in my conscious opinion). Yet, my mom was always blaming herself saying she must've done something wrong, and I always see instances where people blame the parents for whatever problem their child has. Even when countered with environmental factors, like school, as a possible cause, they come up with that the parent didn't properly raise them to handle it or whatever other reasons they spout. Am I the only one who finds this unreasonable?

3. Backstory: S/O cheated on you (one time deal), claimed they loved the other person, then you went to couseling and decided to work on your realtionship, since you're both friends with the "other person" you don't cut "OP" out of your lives completely (they're in western Canada and you're in the south Eastern US)... Everything is now great but the "OP" wants to come visit again. Your S/O doesn't even want to talk to him or her (they found out some things AFTER everything was great in your relationship that they didn't like about "Other person") and has told you to tell them that. You don't care one way or the other because frankly you were only nice OP because you're too nice for your own damn good anyway. Do you tell OP this or do you just ignore then "visit" comments completely and ignore IMs and what not letting the friendship fade naturally?

4. I talk to myself all the time. Like, whispering out loud. Mostly I act out imaginary conversations that I wish would take place, or what I wish I would have responded to someobody. I know it's not THAT bad to talk to yourself (as long as you don't respond!) but I do it way too often IN PUBLIC. Like, private public, you know? Like when I'm in the bathroom or walking down the street... sometimes I get caught whispering full conversations to myself and I get sooooo embarrassed and I spend months trying to convince myself that they didn't see me.

Am I really weird for not noticing that I'm talking to myself in public?

Do you ever do this or have you ever?

If you heard somebody whispering to themselves in the bathroom, or saw them while walking down a supposed-empty hallway, what would you think? Would you forever remember them as "the person who talks to themself" or would you forget about it right away?

Why do you think I might be like this? That I talk OUT LOUD (well whispering), rather than keeping it in my head?

5. Is the size of the inner labia related to the amount of sex you have? Mine are really long and stretched out and I've been with more than twenty sexual partners, and have had sex probably three times a week for the last 5 years or more... (yikes! it seems like a lot when I type it out). I can't remember what my labia looked like as a virgin. You don't have to answer the status of your labia or the number of sexual partners (too bad comments can't be anonymous!) but do you think that the size of mine is due to the amount of sex I've had?

6. When you girls masturbate, what is your personal style (fingering, only clit, both?). I usually only stimulate my clit, touch around the outer vagina a bit, but I never insert my fingers. It just doesn't do it for me.

7. Would you want to own your own business?

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