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What's Happened to my Computer?

I was pretty excited on Friday when I took my computer to the local Computer Shop to get a Gig of RAM installed to help my Sims 2 game run better. I have a GeForce 3 card so I figured the RAM would do more.

However, when I went to play the game, it crashed after a few minutes! And when I restarted it and tried to enter the house of my main family the bottom of the screen had some weird graphics problem and the house wouldn't load. The computer also kept turning off and was running at a really high temperature, so I took it back to the shop where they installed a new fan.

They suggested I do a complete reinstall of Windows XP to make my computer run faster, but I'm not to concerned with the speed.

But my Sims 2 game still crashes! I completely uninstalled then reinstalled it last night and it's still happening! Frankly I'm ready to take my computer back and get rid of the RAM, it seems to have caused nothing but trouble.

The question I have is: Do you think the RAM is really the problem? Should I back everything up, wipe the computer and reinstall? Is there anything else that could cause this that you know of?

It always says "This application has crashed." in the pop up window if that makes a difference.

My computer is an AMD Athon XP +1700 with 1.5GHz.

If you need more info on it, just comment.

Thanks in advance!
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