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1. Do people trick-or-treat in apartment buildings? If so, how do you tell which apartments are offering candy and which ones aren't, since in houses people would normally just turn off the front lights of their house if they weren't offering candy.

2. Which door would people come to in my situation here? I live in a townhouse, where we have two doors - the door that opens to the outside patio, which faces onto a grassy courtyard which is bordered by townhouses (there's about 20 total) on three sides, and a parking lot on the fourth; and the door that opens into an interior apartment-style hallway (buzzcode and everything to get in) that is only one floor, since this is a set of townhouses, and only has ten units. Would trick-or-treaters come here at all? This neighbourhood does have a lot of kids, I've lived here for two years previous but in a townhouse without the interior hallway (just two outside-facing doors), so I'm not sure if people would bother coming to the houses with the interior hallways (there's hundreds of townhouses in this neighbourhood, just 40 of them have the interior hallway).

3. Those of you who speak languages other than English - is the verb "to be" regular or irregular in whatever language(s) you speak?

4. Related to 3., could you provide the conjugations in past, present and future (active indicative, if you need those specifications)? I have French, Spanish, Latin, Ancient Greek, English and Latvian, so any other languages welcome.

5. Have you tried the Limited Edition Reese's Pieces with Nuts? They're like Peanut M&Ms, only Reese's Pieces instead of M&Ms. What did you think of them? Are they readily available where you are? Here they're only available in specialty candy stores, but I think they're amazing.
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