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MP3s and home audio

I've tired of scouring the web and I haven't yet found an answer to the following question: My desktop computer's speakers are pretty much shot so I was thinking hey, my stereo's speakers are perfectly good and of superior quality anyway, why not use those? I have some MP3s on my computer that I'd really like to listen to at a volume loud enough to sing with.
My friend has a wireless transmitter thing she uses, I believe it goes out over an FM signal and it always sounded good to me. However, I keep reading FM transmitters sound REALLY crappy.
I tried hooking my low capacity flash mp3 player up to my stereo via an RCA input cable but there was a background buzzing noise, so I don't think that's an option. Plus my computer is nowhere near my stereo.
I stumbled across some expensive wireless networking gadget that would transmit audio from a computer to a stereo, but I'm doubting that would work for me because I don't have a wireless card in my computer--but then maybe I'm just not understanding the technology.

Or should I just give up and get some new computer speakers? What kind do you recommend (average quality, preferably inexpensive)?
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