hello, tasty children (audiovillain) wrote in thequestionclub,
hello, tasty children

Did you like doing homework as a kid?
Did you ever have to be threatened to do your homework?
What motivated you or forced you to finally do it?
How do you get a kid to do their homework?

I feel like I should know something about this since I grew up with Asian parents but I was a nerd freak, I liked homework and I actually did it without ever being told.

My nephew is 8 years old at a private Christian elementary and I suspect he has some form of ADD or something, because my sister has the hardest time with him. He hates homework and she's always threatening him or making him stay home all day on the weekend to finish it, but I think that's kind of sad. He can't come to the library with me today because he's supposed to finish his homework before doing anything else. We've tried tutoring him and explaining to him why he should do his homework but.. eh, what normal kid likes homework anyway. I just think he's going to have a hard time once he gets to middle school or high school.
Tags: school

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