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Housekeeping Woes

1. I have tons of bags - backpacks, handbags, sling bags, those evening-style smallish bags - and I'm running out of room to store them. But putting them in the open makes my room look as if it had been hit by a storm. Any suggestions? How do you store your bags?

2. How do you store your earrings and other sparkly silver jewellery? For me, no matter where I put them, they tend to get dull and darkened. Natural, or is there some way to prevent them from darkening?

My co-worker and I were trying to open a cupboard door yesterday. Well she tried too hard, and the key broke off, with half of it in the lock. I told my manager via the talkie what happened ("Lynn, we tried opening the door, but the key broke off" was the exact words I said), but somehow now, all the managers think that I was the one who broke the lock, when in fact it isn't.

It wouldn't be a problem if the managers had blamed me and told me to pay, because at least then I could tell them that it was my co-worker who broke it. But they were very nice about it and came to repair the thing, not saying anything.

But people have been coming up to me and saying stuff like, "How did you do it? I've been opening the cupboard for years and I never broke it!"

But if I were to suddenly make an annoucement in front of everyone: "It wasn't me who broke it, by the way, it was Catherine - " it just sounded kind of defensive and I have a feeling that it could make things worst. My co-worker is a very nice person anyway - she was immensely guilty about what she did... it's just that no one asked her for the story.

Grin and bear it? But there's some part of me that says, "Unfair! I don't want to be misunderstood."

What would you do?
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