. (heysmilepretty) wrote in thequestionclub,

on roommates, accomplishments and moods

Okay, so I did have quite a bit of stuff cluttering up the living room, so it was understandable when my roommate piled (most of) it up to make a point, so I'd clean it up. But TQC, what the motherfuck do you imagine would be the point of putting my crochet needle IN THE GARBAGE DISPOSAL, other than royally pissing me off??? >:( Srs and non-srs. (My yarn and scarf-so-far were NOWHERE NEAR the kitchen, btw.)

What's the last thing you were proud of yourself for accomplishing?
Despite not being in the mood to clean AT ALL, I cleaned my whole kitchen, bf's bedroom, my bedroom, and moved my desk from bf's bedroom to my bedroom. It's only supposed to be a temporary move, but idk, I think I like it more in here, so it will likely be permanent.

What kind of mood are you in right now? Why?
I feel like Eeyore - generally melancholy. I'm lonely and mopey and the fact that I spent my Saturday afternoon/evening CLEANING is not helping any.
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