stacey (groovyraspberry) wrote in thequestionclub,

Since I'm 900% broke, this Christmas I decided to make something for my parents. They've just become grandparents for the first time, so I was thinking I could make them a 12 year calendar with their grandkid as the main photos.

He is only 2 months old right now, so I can't really have him posing for certain shoots or make anything overly clever, but I definitely wanted to have what he's wearing (or the scenery) to be in tune with the months. Could anyone please suggest how to go about doing this?

For example, the month of December he could be wearing one of the Christmas outfits I've bought him this year, and be holding a present, or he could be near a miniature Christmas tree. . . etc. What about some of the other months? Any ideas would be SO MUCH appreciated!!!
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