xprivate_radiox (xprivate_radiox) wrote in thequestionclub,

Is there a term for seeing something only because someone else pointed it out? I don't know how to word this exactly :/ But I'm talking about, say, if you were looking at clouds and someone pointed out a certain form that wasn't apparent to you before. After them having said it, you immediately saw it.
A friend and I were having a conversation about this the other day and it's bugged me to the point of even looking in my Psych textbook, but I can't find anything.

If you don't know, what was the last stupid thing you did that resulted in hurting yourself?
I accidentally punched myself in the face this morning while trying to yank up the blankets. It's funny, but I felt like an ass, even though there was no one there to see. I guess I didn't have as good of a grip as I thought.
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