LB (bizbooliz) wrote in thequestionclub,

Will you give me some suggestions about a blog I'm starting?

I'm going on 6 years of a chronic illness and have decided to start documenting all of it by blog. The theme of the blog is something along the lines of being thankful for what is going on, no matter what. So the majority of the entries will be updates on what is going on with my health journey while incorporating my efforts to be thankful during it. Anyway, my first entry was going to be a backstory of everything that has happened so far in case I actually get readers who don't know the full story. Well, I started typing it all out and didn't want to continue because of how long and tedious it was getting. So then I thought of just doing a video for the introduction. I just filmed the video and it's almost 15 mins long =/ First of all, that is going to take FOREVER to load onto the internet and second of all, who is going to sit through 15 mins of me talking about the past 6 years?

My question is do you have any suggestions on how I can shorten my video or if I should do multiple videos based on the different events that have taken place that way people can pick and choose what they want to hear about? Or should I just upload the 15 mins? Or should I just forget the video all together and just continue writing it all out?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions :)


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