"B" (thatfleetingirl) wrote in thequestionclub,

I am doing some researching for holiday parties for next year (and years after). This year, we are having at the Air & Space Museum – not the one in DC but the one just outside of DC (Chantilly for those of you who are local). I am looking into DC museums, cruises, fine (5 star) dining and lastly hotels…I hate hotel holiday parties because they are the cheesiest and they charge the most BUT it’s DC so some of the hotels can be top notch and I’m open to it. I have a relatively limitless budget; the event has to be absolutely divine. I’m busy today scouring the net for all kinds of wonderful things DC has to offer.

What is the most posh/lavish party you have attended?

If you were planning such a party (or if you’d rather not plan and would like to describe as an attendee), what would you do?

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