.X'Tine. (goodgirlzero) wrote in thequestionclub,

3 questions..

1.) I have lost my licese sometime between saturday night leaving the last bar, and home on sunday. It was no longer in my back pocket of my jeans. I was only at the bar for 20 min. Where do you think it could be? Where is yours normally when you've lost it? It is very important that I find it because I fly out for vegas on monday and will need it.

2.) Is there anyone you just want to throw a brick at right now because they seem unappreciative? Do you think maybe it is swinging both ways but you are so upset that you dont give a crap?

3.) A mood cheering question... I have wanted to ask it all day! Are there any type of questions you feel like you specialize in and really help someone out with when they post to TQC?
(ex: I get really excited when people post about hair because I am a cosmetologist.)
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