stuffed sleazy gravy fairy (briteflite) wrote in thequestionclub,
stuffed sleazy gravy fairy

A lady I volunteer with/work for on an informal basis, named P, has a friend and partner (they do art stuff together) named X. X is the managing director at a local art/music/food venue which means she handles all the interviews and job applications for new positions.

Is it unethical for X to openly share information about potential employees and applicants to P just because they're friends? I don't know what the actual "rules" are per se, and I don't know if "confidentiality" exists in the world of hiring & firing, but P casually brought up all this information about my having applied to two positions there, and I felt like, uhhhhh, you should not know this stuff! And I didn't know how to react, because she's kind of my boss. I also think P might have let slip some untrue information about me that might have led to them not considering me, which also sucks (i.e., that I wouldn't be available to even work the position, which is not true, but she didn't know that).

It seems unprofessional for X to talk about any of that at all, to anyone, but I'm not sure. Thoughts?
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