Teacup Pig (phantom_llama) wrote in thequestionclub,
Teacup Pig

I had this idea for a website, and I'm just wondering if anyone knows of something similar out there.

Ya know how you'll be watching a movie, and see some minor character that you know you've seen before, but you have no idea what his name is? Someone that you say "I've always liked the characters he plays, but I have no idea who he is." What I suggest is a website where you can enter in two movie titles, and it will cross-reference the entire casts of the movies, telling you which actors were in both of them...letting you figure out who the person in question is.

For example, the guy who played the glider pilot in "Saving Private Ryan", the scientist in "Escape From LA", and the guy who killed the hooker in "Se7en".

Anybody know if anything like that exists? I'm one of those people who is GREAT with remembering faces, but it drives me crazy to be all like, "That' the guy who played ________ in _________." when I don't know their name.

Yes, I know you can IMDB the movie itself, but then you have to A) scroll through the entire cast, and B) know the character's name (if they even had one).
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