J. (socraticomatic) wrote in thequestionclub,

I'm buying tickets for a Pixies show early next year, and I'm trying to decide which kind of tickets to choose. The venue map is under the cut.

Option 1: General admission (standing). Positive: no having a crappy seat, because if I turn up early enough I can be standing close to the stage. Negative: I'm not tall (5'4"), so I'd have to be fairly close to the stage to have a good view (and not have too many tall people in front of me). Also, IDK, Pixies audiences might be rough or boisterous and I could be shoved around, and GA is usually pretty cramped.

Option 2: Unlicensed/All ages area at the side, third row in, not close to the front. See the diagram below, the it'd be somewhere around C4 (oops) C64 in the yellow Section 10. Positive: I'd have personal space. Negative: IDK, I might not be able to see much. Note: I don't care that I wouldn't be allowed to drink.

Which should I go for? (They're the same price.)
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