Rhea (xxxnevermorexxx) wrote in thequestionclub,

Post-college housing?

I'm graduating from college this spring and apparently will be expected to live in the "real" world - WTF is that? ( <-- Not the actual question.)

I understand that most college dorms are shitty and isolated, so I will attempt to explain: My dorm currently is the best place I've ever lived because it's somewhat like a "living/learning" community on crack - basically it's a fine arts/philosophy dorm and we attract all the freaks on campus. The end result is that you have a couple hundred kids available to hang out with, some of whom will inevitably be in the lobby at any time, day or night, doing/planning crazy shit of all varieties, leaving silly notes on the walls, etc. Most of us know each other and while we aren't all friends, we can leave our doors unlocked and we have some type of weird group solidarity going on. I'm not great at describing this, but use your imagination.

My question is: do you all know of any specific or general living situations for post-college "adults" that would mimic this sort of environment? Or any resources about such things? For some reason, I only ever hear about people moving into apartments and living lonely lives of isolation until such time as they may find a spouse - but I think it would be much more pleasant not to go that route. The only thing I can think of would be a commune or something, but I'm not sure how those exist in practicality and I rather like modern conveniences/being in a city.

So, any knowledge/ experiences with these types of living situations?
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