allison vernon-williams (fame) wrote in thequestionclub,
allison vernon-williams

Have you ever been in the awkward position of filling out a survey about someone while they're reading right over your shoulder? How do you do that without pissing them off? Does your answer change if you get a weird, criminal like vibe off of them?
i had to do this last night and i was all alone in the office with him and it was scary :( i needed tqc then!

Last night I made cheese pizza with alfalfa sprouts, green peppers, and mushrooms. It was possibly the most delicious thing ever. What is your favorite uncommon pizza topping? (yes, i consider sprouts uncommon. it never occurred to me before to put them on :D)

Do you play Neopets still? How long have you played?
lol yes. 9 yrs :[

How often do you vacuum?
Not often enough :[

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