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Can I sync my ancient 3rd-gen iPod to a new Macbook Pro?

OK...my old Power PC Mac Powerbook (ca. 2005) is still running Tiger and can't be upgraded much beyond where I am, because it lacks the Intel chip. Also the power supply is going on it; it works about half the time and requires special positions and jiggling. Rather than try to keep it going with dinosaur patches, I'm considering buying a refurbed Macbook Pro if I can find a black one (so it won't discolor), or if need be an aluminum MB Pro. But I have this ancient third-generation iPod. You know, the pre-clickwheel kind with the four buttons. I have no need to upgrade this thing; it runs fine for my purposes.

It looks to me like Macbook Pro of any sort does not come with Firewire, and of course the ancient iPod syncs via a dock connected to Firewire. If I get a new computer, how the hell do I sync my old-timey iPod? There must be some kind of adapter/converter, but googling produces an avalanche of confusing results, none of which is helpful to me at all.


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