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Hey guys, first time poster! Hope I'm doing this right! ^_^

I have had a Skype account since May. When I created the account, I purchased $10 worth of Skype credit and a few months later removed my card info because there was personally no need for me to keep it stored on the website, since I don't use Skype oftenly. In recent months, however, I had been finding charges for Skype in my bank account, but figured it was from a friend who I had used my card to purchase service for them on the website. I recently found out that they had long since removed my card info from their profile, yet I am still being charged a subscription fee. I have checked every nook and cranny of the Skype website and have found no answer for my being charged, my account does not indicate that I have a subscription, and my payment information is no longer on the website (and if there is, there is no visible link to it for me to view/access/change my payment information).

To try to get to the bottom of this, I tried to look for a number or email service to personally ask and receive assistance for my problem, but they do not provide any sort of phone number and their FAQ answer for the email service told me to go to a part of the PayPal "help through email" service that does not exist to my knowledge.

Does anyone know what is going on with my account? Is it legal for them to charge to my bank account, even after removing the payment information months ago?

Is there any way I can directly contact customer support that I am just not seeing on the website? (Believe me, I checked the "Help" section and could not find anything useful, and the "Contact Us" link, does not link to anything but the FAQs)

What is your worst experience with customer service?

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