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Pet peeves?

What are some things that your parents, siblings or room mates do that just gets on your last nerve?

For me, it's when my dad doesn't fill the ice cube trays. Yes, it's minor, but it's irritating when you want a cold drink and there's no ice.

What are some general things about your house or apartment that annoy you?

The tap water tastes like ass. We bought a purifier pitcher for that little problem, but Mom or I always end up refilling it because Dad seems allergic to taking responsibility. Also, having to use a pay card for the washer/dryer, and not being able to do laundry BECAUSE THE FUCKING COMMUNITY CENTER IS LOCKED AND I CAN'T GET TO THE CARD MACHINE TO PUT MONEY ON THE FUCKING THING.

What are the good things about your apartment or house?

Just about everything else. ^_^

What are some good things about your annoying house mates/parents/siblings?

My dad does take some responsibility now and then; he washed the dishes, cleaned out the microwave and is putting my mom's CDs away while she's in the hospital. (nothing major, she just had some trouble breathing and is there to be checked out. She's coming home tomorrow)

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