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So, my boyfriend is in vegas right now on a business trip. Last night, he texts me at 4am -waking me up- to brag/freak out that he spent 1000$ on strippers that night. This is not what I have a problem with, that's well within what we've agreed is allowed in our relationship.

BUT I texted him later that morning, asking how he was feeling after his drinking binge- and he responded by saying that he wasn't going to text with me because "texts weren't cheap from Las Vegas". TQC, they cost 10 cents each. Needless to say, I freaked out a little and told him I was NOT OKAY with that answer. He's at the point where he's apologizing and not daring to bring up the cost of texting anymore, but...

Now I'm wondering if I overreacted a little. It's his money, we don't live together or share anything, so he's free to roll in a big pile of it and set it on fire as far as I'm concerned. I was okay with texting less to save money before I knew he had a spare grand or so to spend on a single evening; so do I have a right to be upset over this? Or am I just being a controlling bitch? TQC, validate me please!


If you don't care, tell me your favourite breakfast cereal. I'm still in love with fruit loops. :D
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