Kelly (kelj99) wrote in thequestionclub,

Just got this note...


Oh how I long to get out of my office, bag in hand, and head North to you. I am extremely bored on this quiet Friday afternoon and can't wait to see you. I wrote you a short poem.

Last night you made me go to the movie store to rent a film
a film that you did not even watch with me
You made me watch it by myself
although you were there, you were not

I woke up by myself in the middle of the night
You thanklessly used the toilet that I fixed
and found comfort in a card game over me
although you were there, you were not

I love you too.

Should I feel good about receiving this poem?
EDIT: It was a joke. I fell asleep during the movie and I had insomnia last night.
What's the last almost-sweet thing an SO did for you?
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