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craigslist credit score

I've been looking for an apartment on craigslist for a bit now, and have encountered a few individuals, who, after receiving an email from me with some questions regarding the apartment, would reply to me with a relatively professional looking text, saying that because of the market conditions and many tenant defaults, they want me to go to a site they give a link to and get a free credit report there, and that after I do that they can answer my questions and schedule a viewing for the apartment.

Are these people working for the "free credit report" site? It seems to me like there is no apartment, they just want people to sign up for crap at their sites with trial (3 days!) memberships.

Here's an example of a reply I got:


Thank you for contacting regarding the rental. We'd like to give you more information about the apartment, but before that we need to know if you are currently up to date with your credit report.

Viewing your personal credit rating for free is easy, using the following link:

(The process is free & safe - and only takes a minute to fill out).

The reason for this check is because with the declining economy, there have been a larger number of defaulting tenants - we don't have any reason to believe you are not a good tenant, but we just need to protect ourselves in this economic environment.

Please, email me back when you have completed the application so we can set an appointment for you to view the apartment!

Thank you..
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