boomdeyadette (harutake) wrote in thequestionclub,

music vid

I have a memory of seeing a really awesome music video a few months ago and now I can't find it. I can visualize it easily and hear the song in my head very clearly, but I can't remember any of the lyrics and none of the search terms I've tried help me find it with Google or on YouTube, so I hope someone here might know what I'm talking about.

The entire video is animated, and it's obvious that it's done by a computer, but it's not Pixar-style 3D. The video is made to look like an amalgamation of several Sim-type games, and is following someone through a typical day. One specific visual I can remember is an illustration of a cow divided into sections, then one "slice" from the center is isolated and becomes the meat for a sandwich. Musically, it's an electronic song, with a rhythm somewhat similar to "Around the World" by Daft Punk, and a single male vocalist (I'm pretty sure the vocalist had a British accent).

So, dear Question Club, the obvious question is... can anyone identify this video for me?

edit: answered! it's Royksopp's "Remind Me", thanks to arcadiansdream from whatwasthatone (and thanks to over_thefreeway for suggesting that comm)
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