alyssapedia (alyssapedia) wrote in thequestionclub,

So I'm laying in bed trying to figure out my man problems and I guess my insecurity issues and I keep thinking of these horrible things that people have done or said to me. I'm not sure if I've had an abnormal amount how or extent of harshness or if they just affected me more than they should have. So I thought I'd do some comparison shopping.

What are the worst thingS that people have done or said to you? The more extensive the list the better.

edit: you guys are not helping. i guess i just want to make a list and to each one of them ask someone, is this fucked up? is this why i feel like this? Ever just want someone to tell you the objective truth even though there might not be such a thing? That was rhetorical.

What are your thoughts on therapists? I feel like having to pay for someone to listen to you is kind of stupid because there's a conflict of interest. So annoying.

Like one time I got chased around the neighborhood by a pack of younger boys who threw things at me and what I thought was dog shit. So my dad called the police and then I had to have the police follow me for a few days when I walked to gymnastics. Unfortunately my dad also went to their houses and talked to their parents and used the word 'feces' so then they called me 'feces girl.' I was like 12. Are things like that normal?
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