mekki (mekkio) wrote in thequestionclub,

religious question....and funny accents...

1. Eddie Izzard recently said that in the US, a politician can't be an atheist and expect to be elected. However, in the UK, again according to him, the opposite is true. You can't profess to being a believer and expect to be elected. He gave the example of Tony Blair. The ex-PM waited until he was out of office to come out of the Roman Catholic closet. During his administration he refrained from expressing any religious affiliation.

Do you agree with this idea?

Why do you think this is so?

2. In your most humble opinion, what is the hardest accent to understand in English in where English is the native tongue? (For example, some people claim that certain Scottish accents are incredibly hard to understand. For others, it's certain American Southern accents, like Alabaman that leave them wishing for subtitles.)
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