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1) Do you know/talk to your neighbors?

2) If you needed help with something big or small, do you feel comfortable enough going to your next door neighbor and asking for some help?

My Answers:

1) I can tell you that in my apartment building:

A) I live next door to a guy who is of non-descript European origin, I think.

B) Down the hall, there's a polish woman who yells in very broken English to the washing machines (I guess she figures they simply wouldn't understand her, since their American made Maytags -- at least I think they're American made still.)

C) There is a Indian/Pakistani family that lives down stairs with an infant son. Standing on their downstairs patio, the mother and child ALWAYS greet the father with a big hug when he comes home from work.

But honestly, I have no idea who these people are.

2) I try to make a point of helping my neighbors out when I see they need it. But considering there's a language barrier between me and most of my neighbors, I don't know how responsive they'd be to my asking for help.

For example, we used to have this young Japanese couple who lived down the hall--We referred to them as the Hello Kitty people 'cause they had a Hello Kitty sticker on their door.

Anyway, they drove the same kind of car as us--one of the new VW bugs. And last winter our Apartment Complex was notorious for not sending around the snow plow trucks in a timely fashion. When they finally would come around, they'd leave huge snow mounds IN the parking spaces.

While my hubby and I were out there shoveling our own spaces (being that its an apartment complex, you don't figure you wouldn't need your own super steel galvanized snow shovel, but we absolutely needed it) we noticed the Hello Kitties' Bug got stuck in a snow wake, as they were trying to park.

Anyway, I helped get them unstuck and they were very thankful and nice. Of course, they didn't speak a lick of English, but all the hand waving, smiling, and "domos" got the point across.

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