No One (maclou) wrote in thequestionclub,
No One


1. What song have you been listening to most lately? What band/artist have you been listening to the most lately?

2. I have 119 artists in my last FM library, it's driving me crazy because I'd like to have 120 XD So will you recommend me something new to listen to?

3. Can you answer those questions with youtube videos? It's more fun with videos...

4. If you have a LastFM will you post a link to it?

5. How do you feel about your taste in music? Do you think it's good? Bad? Do you think your tastes have changed over the years?

6. Are you comfortable recommending music for other people to listen to?

7. If there was one musical act you could wipe off the face of this earth who would it be?

Do you think there were too many questions? XD

1. I honestly feel like this is the most perfect song ever...

Domoto Tsuyoshi/ ENDLICHERI☆ENDLICHERI/244 Endli-x/剛 紫 whatever he's calling himself at the moment, I've been listening to him way too much lately...


5. Sometimes it's a bit embarassing :P I think it's ok though. It HAS changed, I remember in high school I used to want to be proud of my taste in music, I would try and find really obscure bands I could like and stuff like that. Now I'm all about listening to fun things that make me happy.

6. I don't like giving recommendations to people because I feel like most of the bands I would recommend are already so popular that everyone would have heard of them already. For example I would recommend The Smiths or the Pixies... but I think everyone would have heard of them.
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