victoriagunn (victoriagunn) wrote in thequestionclub,

Shake Your Money Maker!

Is anyone here working from home? Do you have friends who work from home? What do you/people you know do?

I have been home with our 2 year old throughout my pregnancy, and am now our baby is due in the next two weeks. My husband works full-time. I am looking for ways to bring in some extra cash, now and after the baby is born... I am really great at revising and creating resumes and cover letters, so I've offered those services to my friends. I've also considered offering some after school care for maybe one kid (there's a middle school nearby), but have decided against it because I am getting too close to my due date and I think my son and a newborn will be enough kids in the house for awhile at least. I like making crafts and things, but don't really have a particular kind of craft that I dig making/would be worth money - so I'm open to ideas for things that sell well, but don't cost much in the way of supplies.

I'm really hoping for some creative ideas and suggestions - thank you in advance.
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