jenna_pie (jenna_pie) wrote in thequestionclub,

 Last night I babysat for I family I sit for on a regular basis. They usually pay me between 10 and 12 dollars an hour, but last night when I got home, I noticed that they only gave me $70 for working 9 hours.

I know this had to have been a mistake, so I texted the mom saying "Hey _______, I know it was probably a mistake, but I just noticed that ________ only gave me $70 for 9 hours..." It was around 1:20am, and the mom was pretty sauced at 1am when I left.

I haven't heard back from her yet....should I try again? I feel awkward, but I need to get paid for what I worked. Mind you, they were 2 hours later than they had initially said they'd be...
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