Kristen (xx_socold_xx) wrote in thequestionclub,

I feel like I'm posting a lot tonight, sorry :( I have no one to ask about this and usually you guys are good with school advice.

I'm not doing so great in school this semester. I already withdrew from a class I know I would have ended up failing, and I'll probably still fail another. The rest of my grades will either be 2 Cs and a B, or 1 C and 2 Bs, depending on how the next two tests go. I'm just not feeling school. I've always been a great student, so I have no idea what's up. I've gone through a lot recently, I guess, but I don't know that it's what's affecting me. I've just sort of lost the will to get up, go to class, and study/do my work.

If my GPA goes below a 2.0, I'll lose my scholarship. It's from my dad's work, so he'll be LIVID. I don't think it'll drop below a 2.0, but it'll come close. My dad will be disappointed and angry either way. It's my education, but he pays for the part that his work doesn't, and he's always had high expectations of me and it SUCKS to disappoint him because he gets mopey and depressed for weeks afterward.

I'm thinking about taking a break next semester and hopefully getting a job and just working, then returning to school that summer or maybe next fall. But I don't know if my scholarship will pick me back up if I don't go in the Spring, and I'm terrified to even bring it up to my dad. I just am not feeling it and I feel like if I'm just going to do poorly again, there's no reason for me to go until I get my shit together.

How should I go about bringing this up to my dad in the nicest way possible? What do you think I should do, TQC? Take a break, or suck it up and continue going to college so I can get out of there faster? 
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