jalyssa (kittyshock) wrote in thequestionclub,

medication questions...

so i was prescribed klonopin yesterday in lieu of my xanax that my pharmacy fucked all up by not filing the whole script and leaving me haging halfway through the month.
anyway...i now have klonopin (1mg tabs) and am actually kinda weary about, i know its a benzo and can have a rough withdrawl. its one of the few psychiatric meds i havent tried and my main purpose for any medication at this point is for work so that i stay there without gougin my eyes out. i hate my job that much. i took a few today and felt not much change at all which obviously means my tolerance is pretty high with this.
my question is those of you who have had experience with this medication...what happened with you? did it work? did it completely zonk you out? could you functon at work on it if necessary (like me)? thoughts? suggestons?
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